O.MG Keylogger Cable


The O.MG Keylogger Cable is a project that we started chasing over a year ago. The amount of R&D put into the Keylogger Cable has now eclipsed the original O.MG Cable! The original O.MG Cable became publicly available during DEFCON 2019, so we are excited to announce this for DEFCON 2020.

Right now, the hardware is ready and we are putting the finishing touches on the beta version of the firmware. At that point, we will be allowing early access to people who would like to get their hands on this. Distribution will be through the Hak5 store. We will definitely want your help testing! Answers about the capabilities are coming soon. We have a lot of flexibility and power to play with.

How to keep updated:
You can follow me on twitter
Major announcements will be posted to the Mischief Gadgets account
And you can sign up for email notifications when the cable goes in stock on the Hak5 store by visiting the product page. (you will only be notified for the specific SKU's you choose)

Aug 9 update:
Some clarity on the early access: Early access will be available to everyone via the Hak5 store. Info about the timing will be posted on twitter, and the normal stock notification emails through Hak5's store will also work for the early access.

When we released the original O.MG Cable, we did so in a similar way and it worked out really well. I want to keep that going! You get early access and the ability to influence the final form. I get to collaborate with the community. We build better tools as a result and get to chase new ideas. Everyone wins!

Some high level feature info: The on-cable storage for keylogs and payloads is currently measurable in the hundreds of thousands (of keystrokes). And this is before applying any sort of optimizations or compression! We also plan on support for the Hak5 Cloud C2 service in future versons. This is something we have already started working on for the original O.MG Cable as well. The O.MG Cable definitely is not being replaced, in fact, there are actually quite a few firmware enhancements we will be migrating to the O.MG Cable that we created during the development of O.MG Keylogger Cable.

Oct 1 update:
Over the last 2 months, almost everyone on the team has had at least one personal emergency: getting through a covid infection, unscheduled relocations, wild fires, car accidents, etc. This has significantly set us back, but we are persistent! We have the majority of the foundation done. Now it is time to get some cables in people's hands for real world testing! We are using an experimental logging technique that we built from the ground up. Getting more hands on the cable will help us calibrate the logging technique. Due to the reduced work capacity of the team, we are slightly modifying the plans: we are sending a handful of the Lightning O.MG Keylogger Cables to a small test group so that we don't overwhelm the team. We opened up a small purchase window on Oct 1 to get a handful of testers. Keep your eyes on twitter because we may open up a small window for the USB Micro and USB C cables as well.

If you didn't get in, don't worry! We will officially open up the public Early Access as soon as possible. The cables are already in the Hak5 warehouse and are ready to ship as soon as we flip the switch.