O.MG Keylogger Cable

Launch video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jL_Xz-BKBM

---Update May 1 2021---
The persistent storage feature is now complete! This makes the entire Keylogger firmware basically "done" and now in beta-testing.

Currently, you will expect to see about 650,000 keystrokes worth of storage. That should last for quite a while before filling up.

A little behind the scenes: we built the file storage and wear leveling routines from scratch. With flash, you don't want to write to it frequently or it will die. Our first proof of concept worked out to about 12 hours of continuous use before it was statistically likely that we would see a single block fail. Good enough to test, but certainly not good for a keylogger. The next iteration pushed things to 50 weeks of sustained use. That probably would have been "good enough" but everyone on the O.MG team has a hard time stopping at good enough. The latest version now works out to 50 years of sustained use before we would statistically expect to see a single block failure!

---Update Dec 19 2020---
The private testing with customers has gone very well, so we are officially opening the doors for public Early Access! Everyone can now purchase an O.MG Keylogger Cable and can help us test the in-progress firmware by joining the Slack channel.

Right now the firmware has:

  • standard keylogging
  • logging of Raw HID reports
  • a signal profiling tool for sampling non-standard keyboards so that we can build out support
  • KeyCroc style rendering of standard keylogs, using US Layouts
  • logs currently go to a temporary ram buffer of 1000 keystrokes for demo & testing purposes
  • we have a growing list of Full Speed USB keyboards that have been confirmed to work (see below)
  • Also, the firmware for the original O.MG Cable now works with the O.MG Keylogger Cable

Next up:
We are going to start working on the backend firmware again in February. There are some bugs to work on, but the first feature we will work on is getting log persistence added so that you can make use of the ~650,000 keystrokes of flash storage in these cables. Of course, this means doing so with wear-leveling and data integrity as part of the design. We have started adding multiple layout support for payloads on the frontend. We will also add multi layout support for keylog rendering too.

For those that do not know: we are using an experimental technique for the keylogging which is what lets us have the world’s smallest wireless keylogger. We have built out a signal profiling tool that is practically a product by itself! It lets customers send us samples of non-standard keyboards so we can build out support in the firmware. It has also started to open the doors on some new features that can probably be built into the cable!

Of course, we will continue to build out the firmware with active feedback from people who are using the cable. We found that close collaboration with the community produces some amazing results.

How to keep updated:
You can follow me on twitter
Major announcements will be posted to the Mischief Gadgets account
And you can sign up for email notifications when the cable goes in stock on the Hak5 store by visiting the product page. (you will only be notified for the specific SKU's you choose)

Keyboards that have been tested as working:
The decoding we are currently doing is focused on Full Speed USB (12Mbps) Keyboards with detachable cables. Low Speed USB (1.5Mbps) keyboards are fairly uncommon, but we may look into adding that in the future. The keyboard must transmit HID traffic through the cable. Keyboards that are not plugged in using the O.MG Keylogger Cable cannot be logged.

The following are keyboards that have already been tested as working with the O.MG Keylogger Cable:

  • Apple Magic Keyboard
  • Razer Blackwidow Lite (RZ03-0264)
  • Microsoft Sculpt Ergo
  • Corsair K93 Wireless Entertainment Keyboard
  • Dierya DK63
  • Reddragon K588
  • Keychron K1
  • Keychron K6
  • E-YOOSA Super Scholar/Z-88
  • Fingerworks TouchStream MacNTouch
  • Drop CTRL Mechanical Keyboard
  • Brydge C-Type