This blog is meant to serve as an archive of my work that normally gets buried on twitter. But I am also really bad at keeping this updated. So, most of the content here is months or years old. You are better off following my twitter if you want more current info: https://twitter.com/_MG_

If anything catches your eye, please reach out because I am always looking to collaborate on something fun. This approach is what has lead to the formation of "Mischief Gadgets" where we produce various projects and products: https://o.mg.lol

about me:

I was an IT generalist for a decade and a half. But there are only so many years you can scream into the void and see nothing change. So then I started lighting stuff on fire. THEN people started listening :) During the day, I break into Fortune 500's (Research, Red Team, Security Education). At night, I focus on projects and research.