This blog is meant to serve as an archive of my work that normally gets buried on twitter. If anything catches your eye, please reach out because I am always looking to collaborate on something fun. Getting to know new people and knowledge-sharing is always a good time too.

about me:

Outside of work, I explore whatever allows me to focus on offensive approaches to technology, making malicious hardware, research, teaching, and knowledge-share. At work, I have been building infrastructure and small teams for corp IT at small to medium businesses for the last 17 years. Though, as of 2019, I am now part of an internal Red Team & Proactive Engagement group.

You can reach me at https://twitter.com/_MG_ via DM (my DMs are open).

projects & research

other public involvement

  • Spoke at BSidesPDX 2018 on the Hardware Implant Panel with Kim Zetter, Joe Grand, Joe FitzPatrick, @r00tkillah, Mickey Shkatov, Jason Meltzer
  • Hak5 episode about my implanted USB cables:
  • Hak5 episode about my exploding BadUSB drive:
  • Cofounder & resident adversarial hardware expert of Thugcrowd, a party line themed weekly hacker podcast.


Implanted USB-C Charger:

Implanted Cables & Condoms:

Mr. Self Destruct (exploding BadUSB drive):

Amazon Key: