DemonSeed was initially just something I created for handing out during DEFCON 2019, sort of like people do with badges and stickers. I announced it and posted sources as part of the DEFCON2019 post and figured that was the end of it.

But after DEFCON I continued to have people ask if I had any left. I didn't feel comfortable selling something that was so quickly thrown together. So I spent some time thinking about what more I could do with it.

I decided to see what other functionality I could put inside the board (like high speed data passthrough and RF triggers) with the most primitive techniques possible. The primitive implementations didn't have to perform as well as the "right way" because DemonSeed was always an educational DIY type thing and O.MG Cable already satisfies the high performance territory. I also wanted to focus more on HOW these various primitive implementations worked instead of just focusing on physical assembly like v1. That takes time, so rolling it out as an ongoing video series seemed like a fun experiment. Plus, I could provide better directions this way and maybe even find ways of pulling in other topics and research since there is no defined "end" to a video series like this.

So, three months after DEFCCON, DemonSeed v2 was born... now called O.MG DemonSeed EDU. And it got this awesome logo from Dustrial