Prototype O.MG Cable with early access: $200

  • You will get the cable, a bonus physical programmer (if you brick the device or use self destruct), access to the private early access group, and a 50% off discount code that can be used when the productuon cable goes live on Hak5 (distributed via the group access)
  • *You will have early access to the cable and some of the new features as we continue to develop while the production cable moves forward. That also means bugs :) As such, there is no warranty or other guarantee behind them. But they have all been tested extensively (I only pass about 10-20% of the ones that I make). These are hand built, and take ~4hrs to make. But I wanted to get something out there for those who are eager to try them out and/or help support us.
  • How to get one: Watch my twitter feed. I will make at least one drop per day (Aug 9-10) where I announce my current location. First come, first serve. **THESE HAVE ALL BEEN SOLD! There are no current plans to produce more. All fabrication efforts are going toward bulk production for the Hak5 store. If any additional prototypes become available, I will communicate via twitter @_MG_

Production O.MG Cable (future release):

  • Target price: around $100, but still TBD
  • How to get one: The production cables will eventually be in the Hak5 shop!
  • When: TBD. We are going through the production process now. You can sign up to be notified when they are ready:

DemonSeed DIY build kits: $20

  • These are a completely different piece of hardware that produces a very low feature malicious cable that is for education. Not intended for field use! (no wirelesss, no stealth, minimal storage, etc). The circuit is built from my original 2017 proof of concept
  • You are able to source your own components on your own. This kit is for convenience and has an additional board that is pre-assembled and pre-programmed.
  • Details:
  • How to get one: Watch my twitter feed. I will make at least one drop per day (Aug 9-10) where I announce my current location. First come, first serve. Cash only. DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE ASKING FOR ONE PLEASE.

O.MG update & info:

There has been a lot of interest and support behind this project, and lots of requests on how to acquire a cable. That's a great feeling!

It's been a few months since the last update on O.MG cable and it has been quite a journey. O.MG started as a personal hardware learning project in February, with a focus on having something that was open source for others to reproduce in a DIY way. In April, it turned into a group effort focused on the frontend. But that started to change in April. I wanted it to be capable for use in the field for things like Red Team exercises, but The performance was never quite where it should be. So d3d0c3d and started digging deeper. The hardware has become more advanced and well beyond a what a reasonable DIY board can be. It has been taking me nearly 4 hours to complete a cable and I am seeing a 10-20% yield rate. But that should be solved by moving this into manufacturing. There just wasn't enough time for that if I wanted some for defcon. D3d09c3d started overhauling various portions of the lower level code and has been producing a lot of significant performance improvements and feature enhancements. The number of hours both of us have been spending on this are completely silly, but it is addicting due to how much potential there is. We also have Adam Schaal who has continued to stay with us to help on frontend items and logistics items.

We are also playing with some completely new functionalities that we can hopefully reveal soon. (I am very excited about them) Those with one of the prototype cables will be able to play around with that after we create new firmware because most of it is already built into the hardware :D

When we finally get a chance to come up for air... well, first, we will probably let our friends and family know that we are still alive, because none of them have seen us for months. But we still intend on finding ways of bridging a lot of the last few months of our learning back into the community. Whether that ends up as polishing things for DIY open source, talks, or other education is all possible, but we haven't had much time to even think about it. I did decide to bridge some of this by making my 2017 proof of concept something that is open source and easy to reproduce. I gave it a name (DemonSeed build kits) and it has been finding use inside of Joe Fitz's trainings ( I made a whole bunch of the kits for DEFCON as well. These are what I consider to be educational grade and not something capable of field use. But they do produce an "easy" to assemble malicious cable that will send a HID payload to the target, provide charge to a phone, and be a "close enough" visual representation of a legit cable.